AMP- Air Hydraulic Quick Vise

AMP- Air Hydraulic Quick Vise
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1. Most suitable for mass production which need quick machining, such as milling HMC&VMC, expert work station.

2. This vise is adopting the reciprocating pneumatic motor which R&D by inhouse and that employs an air actuated cylinder. Circuiting progressively to make automation, no need the R.F.L unit to filter the moisture, the sole character is superior than other brand in the market.

3. Safety locking mechanism for unexpected termination of air supply. After pneumatic clamping the workpiece will be clamped firmly even without the air supply.

4. Humanistic design. Easy ON/OFF switch control for pneumatic operation. The shifting speed is only 1.5 sec. with safety range: 8mm. The optional electric control for automatic and FMS system is available.

5. AMP are all match vise, you can set up several of AMP together to operate with only one air source supply. 3 operate positions. Six faces of vise body has been ground and pre-set the holding slot, it can be processed vertically without jig block.

6. Even the air source at low pressure 8kg/cm2 which can be achieved super hi-clamping force 90KN, and the 0~90KN clamping force can be adjusted freely by regulator.

7. Unique Out-jaw design increase the clamping capacity.

8. Wellock Semi-spherical segment eliminate deflection and lift.

9. Rigid and tensile ductile iron FCD-60 (80,000PSI) vise body. Slide surface flame hardened to HS65° to maintain the accuracy. S50C jaw-plate has been Carburizing heat treated the hardness to HRC54°.