AEX- Wellock 5 Axis Machanical Power Vise

AEX- Wellock 5 Axis Machanical Power Vise
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1. Steady Clamping Force!
Built-in mechanical booster, maximum clamping force up to 40KN, suitable for working on all kinds of hard and soft workpiece.

2. Can be used on any machine center!
Small body size fit well with 5 Axis MC machine center, horizontal and vertical machine center. It can work with rotary machine and related machine.

3. Patented Mechanical Booster is fully sealed against dust, chips and cutting fluid for extended life time.

4. Unique Anti-Lift mechanism ensures the workpiece does not deflect and lift.

5. Rigid and tensile ductile tool steel SKS3. Slide surface flame hardened to HS65°to maintain the accuracy. S50C jaw-plate has been Carburizing heat treated the hardness to HRC54°.

6. Unique design facilities the evacuation of chips.