AOM - Extension MC Mechanical Power Vise

AOM - Extension MC Mechanical Power Vise
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1. Extension MC Mechanical  Power Vise with large opening and Lockwell Anti-Lift Mechanism is most suitable  for BMC & VMC &  HMC. This vise owns3 patents.

2.Force Adjustable System(patented)makes the force setting easier & steadier,moreover,it has constant pressure function & over pressure protection.

3.Mechanical  Booster(patented)provides a steady clamping force and inside Disc-Spring to shocks and vibrations while operation.

4.. Lockwell Anti-Lift mechanism (patented) ensures the workpiece does not deflect and lift.

5.This vise is suitable for huge or extension workpieces and can be matched.

6. Rigid and tensile ductile iron FCD-60 (80,000PSI) vise body. Slide surface flame hardened to HS65° to maintain the accuracy. S50C jaw-plate has been Carburizing heat treated the hardness to HRC54°.

7.The stationary unit or power unit order is acceptable.