AVK - Ultra-low height Mechanical Power Vise

AVK - Ultra-low height Mechanical Power Vise
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New design with ultra-low vise body and largest opening, besides, it has 3 patents: Lockwell Anti-Lift Mechanism, Mechanical Booster and Force Adjustable Function. Largest opening, high accuracy and strong rigidity for increase the efficiency and productivity.

  1. Vise with ultra-low bed height & largest opening.
  2. Force Adjustable System (patented) makes the force setting easier & steadier, moreover, it has constant pressure function & over pressure protection.
  3. Patented Mechanical Booster is fully sealed against dust, chips and cutting fluid for extended life time.
  4. Lockwell Anti-Lift mechanism (patented) ensures the workpiece does not deflect and lift.
  5. Rigid and tensile ductile iron FCD-60 (80,000PSI) vise body. Slide surface flame hardened to HS65° to maintain the accuracy. S50C jaw-plate has been Carburizing heat treated the hardness to HRC54°.
  6. Unique design facilitates the evacuation of chips.